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Agents of Suramar
Director's Log

Director's Log, Public Inquiry.

The Agents of Suramar were successful in their first mission as a team in the region of Azshara.  Our task was to explore the area, and find what relics or artifacts we could of what was once part of our home. As well, we were to learn all we could about the Naga that have infested the shores, and what kind of potential threat they could pose to our people in the future. We were successful in our mission, and gained further perspective on how to deal with the Naga, or whatever else we may come up against in the near future.

With our mission in Azshara now behind us, and with a better understanding of what we may be up against in the near future, we now find ourselves delving into another region of this strange new world.  In the far northern reaches of Azeroth, well atop the world lies the vast frozen wasteland known as Northrend.  However, not all of this continent is completely frozen over in ice, some regions, such as "Grizzly Hills", possess such beauty, and mystery that could only be found in this part of the world. Our goal is to see for ourselves lies atop the world, and of course bring back any artifacts or relics we may find on our journey for our Archivists to examine.

In more social news, later this week (Friday, 6:30pm Server time), Morale Officer Silan will be hosting our first Agency Ball, which will be open to the public, and will require Formal attire.

For more information regarding our future missions, or the Agency ball, feel free to contact any of the Officers or myself.

- Director Harleena

  Agents of Suramar

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Happy Holidays everyone! ♥
Our first event for "The Army of Twisted Light" starts June 27th at 6pm! Be sure to check the in game Calendar for more info on upcoming Campaign Events!
The Agent Academy is officially open! Throughout the coming weeks we will be inducting Agents into the Academy, where they will pick their pathway, and start acquiring Credits! Learn more at "The Academy" page!
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