<Agents of Suramar> is an Exploration, and Special Operations Task force, whose mission is to explore all that Azeroth has to offer in service of Suramar and her people. Put in place by the Suramar Government as an extension of the Suramar Military, the Agents purpose is to explore, gather intelligence, and carrying out missions on behalf of the Suramar Military when need be. Though the thought of Exploration usually brings about feelings of excitement, it is easy to forget the dangers that come along with it. That is why we are looking for the very best that Suramar has to offer, to explore this brave new world, assess and deal with any threats to our people, and to boldly go where no Nightborne has gone before.

Since the Agents of Suramar is an extension of the Suramar Military, it generally functions as so. Agents are expected to respect the chain of command, as well as carry out any orders given to them by a superior officer. Failure to do so could result in a serious reprimand, to possible banishment, and removal of the Agent title.

Our Missions will take us to various locations all over Azeroth, and possibly beyond, as well will introduce us to the various races within each locale. Along our adventures we will find ourselves helping some of the people we meet, with the hope of making allies, and dealing with the inevitable occurrence of making enemies.

With the recent addition of the "Agent Academy", Agents will be able to attend a variety of courses, and events that will allow them to progress through a Ranking system, and possibly lead them to playing an important role in our organizations future. While players will be acquiring "Credits" to use on promotions, others may seek to use them in our new "Agent Emporium", an IC store where characters can purchase a plethora of exotic goods, and other items. For more details, click "The Academy" link in the top menu bar.

Needless to say the Agents we bring on board will all have a variety of skills, abilities, and other traits that will help us accomplish our goals. So if you believe you are one of these Nightborne, then apply today!

*Please note that in place of an application, a player may opt to have an IC interview in its place, as well, we are accepting other members of the Suramar Military in the form of a transfer, details are within the application form, or during an IC interview*