A “Ghost” from Director Harleena’s past returns, bringing with him an army of his own creations, and looking to put Harleena at his side once more.  Known as “The Divine”, a being of immense power who is rumored to either be a Naaru who has gone astray, or a man who has found the means to harness lights magic to an extraordinary end.  It is said that his power is completely incomprehensible by normal beings, and that his voice alone could cause mere mortals to go insane.  Harleena had once served him as his High Inquisitor, and as the “Voice of The Divine”. Having believed that the Fellowship she would be leading for him was one of peace, and goodwill, had instead brought Harleena to some of the darkest moments in her life, moments which she has worked endlessly to move past. When the Divine returns to make his offer, he threatens that if she does not join him once more, then he will destroy her, and her “precious city”....

Campaign Features

• New Storyline - The Agents will embark on a new adventure, and will be pit against a foe unlike any they have faced before. 

• Invasions (Suramar) – Missions that will pop up around Suramar, where the Army of Twisted light will be attacking.

• Twisted Light Essence – This loot from Invasions and encounters with the “Army of Twisted Light” can be used to strengthen an agent’s resilience against the creations, or if enough is collected, to help deal more damage to them.

• Special Emporium Items – New items will appear in the Emporium’s inventory, some of which are temporary, and will aid Agents in the ongoing invasions as well as future missions.

General Information

Dates: June 27th-August 4th

This campaign will be roughly 5 weeks long, with a Storyline expanding over roughly 11 events, and includes “Suramar Invasion” events sprinkled throughout it. (For more info on Invasions look below!) The events mainly include D20’s as our missions already do, and will also utilize all Guild roll bonuses given by the Academy or otherwise.

Research Events are also part of the Campaign and Storyline, and will play a pivotal role regarding items looted during Suramar Invasions. As to not give too much away at this time, details on the items, and campaign bonuses will be revealed at a later date.

Suramar Invasions

All throughout the campaign, the city of Suramar will come under siege by the Army of Twisted Light. It will fall to the Agents of Suramar to repel these invaders, and save their beloved city.

These invasions will happen across Suramar, and will play out as a typical D20 utilizing all the Guild Roll Perks we have used in previous events, though with invasions there is an added element with looted items from Invasions.

While Invasions are a major part of the Campaigns storyline, they are not events that progress the Storyline any further, they are however an opportunity for Agents to get their hands on some incredibly Special Items. These items will grant the user a variety of effects, and bonus abilities that will be revealed at a later date.

These Suramar Invasion events will be posted on the calendar along with the Main Storyline Events, and are sprinkled through the entire Campaign!

Campaign Episodes

(More Information will be added as the Campaign progresses.)

Episode 1 - Precursor

Wednesday, June 27th - 6pm Server Time

Click the link below to learn what transpired during this Episode!


Episode 2 - "So it Begins..."

Friday, June 29th - 6pm Server Time

Click the link below to learn what transpired during this Episode!


Episode 3 - "What's This?"

Thursday, July 5th - 5pm Server Time

Click the link below to learn what transpired during this Episode!


Episode 4 - "The Lighthold"

Saturday, July 7th - 5pm Server Time

Click the link below to learn what transpired during this Episode!


Episode 5 - "Running From the Light"

Monday, July 16th - 6pm Server Time

Episode 6 - "More Power!"

Wednesday, July 18th - 5pm Server Time

Episode 7 - "The Key"

Episode 8 - "I'm Given' it all she's got!"

Episode 9 - "The Off Switch"

Episode  10 - "End-Game"

Events to be updated with info on what occured in these events soon! For now, Refer to our Discord!