About Us

Agents of Suramar 

An Exploration, and Special Operations Task force, whose mission is to explore all that Azeroth has to offer in service of Suramar and her people. Put in place by the Suramar Government as an extension of the Suramar Military, the Agents purpose is to explore, gather intelligence, and carrying out missions on behalf of the Suramar Military when need be. Though the thought of Exploration usually brings about feelings of excitement, it is easy to forget the dangers that come along with it. That is why we are looking for the very best that Suramar has to offer, to explore this brave new world, assess and deal with any threats to our people, and to boldly go where no Nightborne has gone before.

IC Mission Statement:

“To explore Azeroth in service of Suramar and her people, to offer aid to those we consider our allies, and to protect our home at any cost. An Agent of Suramar represents the best that the Nightborne have to offer, and always looks for an opportunity to better themselves, and the people of Suramar.”

OOC Mission Statement:

“We look to provide an extremely friendly and welcoming RP group that anyone could feel comfortable in, while also offering a variety of RP that everyone can be excited about.  We want to help create a community that all of our members, and our allies can look forward to when logging on.”

General Information

Director (GM) -  Director Harleena

Deputy Directors (Officers) -  Seilune - Veros - Loviattar

Executive Agents (Sub-Officers) -  Pend - Eiswein

Website -  AgentsOfSuramar.com (Obviously you know this, you're here!)

Voice Server -  Discord (Ask for Invite info)

Forum Post -  https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20761616666

IC Headquarters -  

•  "The Agent's Estate" - Thalyssra's Estate (ICly it is a separate estate in the Suramar Harbor)

•  "The Agent Embassy of Zandalar" - Vacant Building in Port of Zandalar (49, 95)

Event Nights -  We generally host RP events throughout different nights of the week. Usually events start around 5-6 PM Server time. 

These are a few pre-scheduled events we hold weekly, though they may be subject to change depending on the circumstances.

•  Wednesday Night Mythics

•  PVP Thursdays

•  Council Sessions (IC & OOC Guild weekly meeting, typically held on saturday evenings at 6pm Server time.)

Agency Divisions
Crimson Cavalry

The Crimson Cavalry is made up of the Agencies finest Tacticians, Battle-Mages, Sentinels, Reconnaissance Experts, and War Strategists. The Cavalry is mostly noted for their work on the battlefield, and is regarded as the Agencies heaviest hitters. While others run away from danger, the Cavalry is the first to run towards it. The Crimson Red color of the Agencies Tabard is symbolic of this Division.

This Division is led by

Director Harleena & Chief of Security, Loviattar


Roles within the Crimson Cavalry:

Security Officers


Weapons Experts

The Saberguard (More info TBA)




& more!

Royal Regiment

The Royal Regiment is made up of the Agencies finest Diplomats, Support-Mages, Archivists, Researchers, and Healers. The Regiment is mostly noted for their work in Artifact Research, as well as their abundance of altruism & intellectual curiosity.  This Division is known for housing some Suramars brightest intellectuals, & researchers.  The Royal Purple color of the Agencies Tabard is symbolic of this Division.

This Division is led by

Ambassador SeiluneHead Archivist Veros 


Roles within the Crimson Cavalry:



Medical Officers



Support Mages


& more!