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Agents of Suramar
Director's Log

Director's Log, Public Inquiry.

It has been far too long since I've logged one of these, though I suppose it goes to show just how busy the Agents have been in the past two months.  Much has happened since my last inquiry, so much so that it is rather hard to know where to begin.  In my last log, I spoke of Ambassador Seilune's promotion, which looking back, seems like it was so much longer than two months ago.  She has done a lot for the Agency since then, networking with other organizations, aligning us with friends whom we are truly honored to call Allies, and representing the entire Shal'Dorei race in the recent Horde Cultural Festival.  It is quite clear now that her promotion was more than deserving.  

I had even found myself running an "Arcwine Taste Testing" booth during the Cultural Festival, which I have to say, was quite a wonderful experience.  Like most of my people, I have always had a taste for Arcwine, but it is quite enjoyable being able to teach other races about our cultural delicacy.

Though not all has been optimistic in the past couple of months....In a series of events that led to the kidnapping of myself and two Deputy Directors, the now Head Archivist Veros Moonshine found himself stepping up, and taking the reins in our rescue alongside our Chief of Security Loviattar. Though that travesty was endured, another awaited us right around the corner. 

Just after my rescue, we found ourselves down a Deputy Director. If they were lost in battle, I would have a much less harder time with this, unfortunately, it was betrayal.  Former Deputy Director Silan, ironically the Agency's Morale Officer, turned on us, after an....unexplainable turn of events, which led to her corruption. We have since captured, and detained the criminal known as Silan in our vault and prison cells, where she is being treated fairly, and questioned for more information.

As always, my Agents endured these hardships, and have come out even stronger in the end.  Each and every day, with every mission we go on, we become stronger, and more resilient than the day before.

Speaking of strength, and growth, many would take notice to the opening of our "Agent Academy".  Opened over a month ago, Agents have begun enrolling themselves in the four branches of our Academy's progression system, Tactical, Magic, Healing, and Trade.  Upon attending courses, missions, and other Agency hosted events, the Agents receive credits, which they can spend on their next promotion, or use to purchase items on our recently opened "Agent Emporium", a thriving store, fully owned and operated by the Agents of Suramar.  Executive Agent Mammonar Astrona is in charge of the Emporium, and has stocked the shelves with a myriad of items, such as potions, wines, and much more. So far we have seen many Agents enthusiastically progress, and become promoted in the recent weeks.  Upon high enough rank, many Agents can look forward to taking on new roles and responsibilities within the Agency, as well as taking on a new title.  Several Agents have even stepped up and taken on the role of instructor, and are helping run courses, and other Academy events.

With tensions continuing to rise between the Horde and the Alliance, we are beginning to find our role in all of this.  Working alongside organizations such as the "Scions of Antiquity", we have begun working to see exactly where the Alliance stands in the current conflict, and are looking to find a diplomatic solution.  However, I continue to attend War Council sessions, in case an all-out war is the only solution.

Though we have found ourselves in the deep end at several points in the last couple of months, the "Agents of Suramar" have continued to progress admirably, and I continue to commend each and every one of them for the incredible work that they do.

- Director Harleena

Agents of Suramar

Director's Log, Public Inquiry.

Over the course of the past two months since the Agents of Suramar was established, we have experienced what could only be defined as a whirlwind of excitement, and danger.  Having explored several regions of Azeroth, while working diligently to better integrate ourselves into the Horde, we have experienced plenty of ups and downs, and obstacles along the way. Whatever we have encountered, we have persevered, coming out stronger and wiser every time.

Though as much as I would enjoy filling my log with good appraisals of my Agents, I would imagine it would be better suited for another time. 

I would however like to mention the promotion of Lady Seilune, to the rank of Special Agent (Officer), with the role of Ambassador.  It was made apparent that she would be fitting for the position, well before her work with the Voodoo Expedition League at the Echo Isles. It was also made apparent at the success we have had working with other organizations within the Horde, and has influenced some new projects to be put in the works.

With the tensions rising in southern Kalimdor in the recent months, I have sent several Agents to investigate.  It has become a topic of discussion at recent Open Council sessions that we should increase our efforts in working with the Horde military, as well as getting our people a bit more battle hardened, in case a crisis is indeed to break out.  As much as I do not wish to see my people fight in another war so soon, I do not wish for them to be as ill-prepared as they were before.

Despite what the future may bring, I will continue to expect nothing but the best from my Agents, for they have not let me down yet.

-Director Harleena

Agents of Suramar

Director's Log, Public Inquiry.

The Agents of Suramar were successful in their first mission as a team in the region of Azshara.  Our task was to explore the area, and find what relics or artifacts we could of what was once part of our home. As well, we were to learn all we could about the Naga that have infested the shores, and what kind of potential threat they could pose to our people in the future. We were successful in our mission, and gained further perspective on how to deal with the Naga, or whatever else we may come up against in the near future.

With our mission in Azshara now behind us, and with a better understanding of what we may be up against in the near future, we now find ourselves delving into another region of this strange new world.  In the far northern reaches of Azeroth, well atop the world lies the vast frozen wasteland known as Northrend.  However, not all of this continent is completely frozen over in ice, some regions, such as "Grizzly Hills", possess such beauty, and mystery that could only be found in this part of the world. Our goal is to see for ourselves lies atop the world, and of course bring back any artifacts or relics we may find on our journey for our Archivists to examine.

In more social news, later this week (Friday, 6:30pm Server time), Morale Officer Silan will be hosting our first Agency Ball, which will be open to the public, and will require Formal attire.

For more information regarding our future missions, or the Agency ball, feel free to contact any of the Officers or myself.

- Director Harleena

  Agents of Suramar

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